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Reading Through the Comments

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 10:22 PM

So, I did this purely for enjoyment.
I went back to the very beginning at the prologue of B!Hetalia x B!Reader and re-read all of the comments that you readers have left. And I will be giving my own comment/reaction to the comments left.
So here we go~

Ahh... Innocent young readers who have no idea what kind of hell I'm going to write for them.

Chapter 1
People seemed to enjoy that this wasn't a generic "Oh, I'm only bullying you because I love you and I'm horrible at conveying my real feelings" schtick.

Chapter 2
Y'all were getting so heated, and then with the cliffhanger oml but you were also happy to have Canada make an appearance!

Chapter 3
Oh yes, the public beat-up chapter. This one was a test on the creative process in order to write, to say the least. But dang were y'all crying and getting mad at the reader, like damn! ; 7 ;

Chapter 4
Everyone was so happy to have Greece and Canada for friends! Probably a couple of the more subdued characters from Hetalia, but loveable all the same <3

Chapter 5
Geez ya'll were so suspicious of Finland and Sweden being the bad guys XD Luckily for you all, I could never make them mean. I really couldn't ;v;

Chapter 6
Yes! Friends have finally started to appear!
This was also when I started seeing comments by the two comment theorists that I have honestly had so much fun reading their theories oml
onlysoperf891 and Amie2004 you two know who you are <3

Chapter 7
Ah, feels and Green Day. A great mix if I do say so myself.

Chapter 8
And the ever-abrasive Switzerland and lovable Lichtenstein appear! This made people happy ;v;

Chapter 9
Enter the Baltics, and Winter War references! ; 7 ;
Also another appearance from another frequent commenter/theorist HoneyBeeGirl94
... And the beginning of talk about Denmark getting some "uncalled for punishment"
If you guys just look through the comments of this and the next chapter, you'll understand what I mean. XD

Chapter 10
Aaand people say Norway and Finland slay, people are pissed at Denmark <insert playful banter about fountain pens here>
Also this is pretty much, from my knowledge, the MOST commented on/popular chapter. 
Like if you search "Hetalia x Reader" on DA and you're browsing in What's Hot, after going down a little bit you find Chapter 10. I'm serious about that ya'll
I've been about this proud since my FACE Family x Reader appeared on the front page of DA under What's Hot

Chapter 11
And Japan joins the gang! It was satisfying to read that y'all were getting so happy with this like oml. ;v;

Chapter 12
And some sympathy for Denmark after all the hate he got a couple chapters ago. XD 
Probably the quickest turnaround I've seen in the comments. XDD

Chapter 13
And the chapter with the least amount of comments out of the series. XD
But at least ya'll were happy with maybe a little China support in there ;v;

Chapter 14
Maybe a little homage being paid to 2p!Canada in this chapter? Maybe? ;v;
And damn were ya'll happy!
Also I died inside when I noticed that Rinserphia (<3) had left a comment
I remember my reaction to seeing the comment was along the lines of:
"W...What? THIS AMAZING PERSON LEFT A COMMENT--" and I kinda died a little bit ;;v;; <33

Chapter 15 
And drama bomb was dropped. uvu
Gotta love England, amiright guys?

Chapter 16
Then ya'll were ready to kill England holy heck guys chill XD
Like oml you were all so ready to kill the Brit I found it hilarious XDD

Chapter 17
This was such a satisfying chapter to finish guys you have no clue
The Axis, next to the Nordics and the Baltics are probably my favorite little sub group of counties, and getting to write the three of them together is just super fun for me
Y'all seemed to like it too! ;7;
Along with the fact that you really wanted to hurt the F, A, and E of the FACE fam ;;v;;

Chapter 18
Enter the EX!
Ah, Ukraine, our favorite tracks of land- I mean what?
I was gonna work her in eventually guys, and believe you me, Belarus will come in on her own time as well uvu

Chapter 19
Lovable China taking a stand, what a way to end the chapter, right?
And Russia being a prick, but what else is new? //slapped
Nah not really guys, he can be sweet at times, I know, I've written him that way
Also, this being the chapter that was posted before the long hiatus, there were so many comments telling me to update
ya'll I was getting so done and was ready to just let loose and be sassy holy heck you have no idea--
but there there were those of you who stepped up and told the impatient ones to be patient, that just made me happy ;;v;;

Chapter 20
Lastly, the latest chapter
what if I had a typo that was like "last chapter" and people flipped their shit- //slapped again
But yes! Another girl character enters! And it's the lovable Seychelles!

That is all th chapters up to this point, and there will be more to come!
I hope you all have enjoyed the story so far
To be honest with you all, I might be biting off more than I can chew by saying this:
But I would actually love to get this story completed before I start college in August
I think it'll just be a nice way to finish off my High School experience and start anew.

That is if I don't procrastonate like I usually do-

But either way!
Thanks for sticking around, y'all!




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Katakana1 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017
I just want to say that, it's not often I find stories that lasts well over 10 chapters that manage to hold my interest to the (current) end, but yours are definitely one of them (and out of those stories only yours and one more has been able to make me speed through all the chapters). Enjoy reading how, one by one, the characters starts to realise their big mistake and starts to try and make it better (a bit like a manga called A Silent Voice. Were the main character is the old bully of the other main character, and as he grows up and realises just what he did to her, he goes out of his way to try and fix what he broke and give her some new happy memories instead). Looking forward to the next part of B! Hetalia x B! Reader :) 
theweirddarkness Featured By Owner May 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Do you have a Wattpad account? I found your story on it.…
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SonicShadowWolf Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017
*reads other messages about updates* hm... *says something completely off topic of that subject* do ya have a quotev account?
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Aisha132 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 27, 2017
Why not take a few days off, that's what I do when I do not feel like doing any writing?
IceCrystalTheAlicorn Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Student General Artist

I'm kidding, take your time, dearie.
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