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It was an average night for (Name). She returned from her part-time job at the local McDonald's, only to get ready for her job as a waitress at the local bar.

She sighed. Having to deal with annoying costumers, screaming kids, and low pay was more than enough to drive someone mad. The only thing that made it all bearable was that her best friends came to visit her at work most everyday.

Alfred F. Jones, Gilbert Beilschmidt, and Mathias KÝhler. The three obnoxious, loud, fun loving goofballs where the best friends that (Name) could ever ask for. Each of them was able to be quick with a joke to cheer her up, their attitudes were able to light up a room, it was no wonder why they were fawned over by all the girls in collage.

Though, they never showed any interest in the other girls. They always stuck close to (Name). The four friends were known throughout their collage years, no one ever messed with them, and who would want to?

Well, besides the girls who kept giving (Name) a hard time for hanging around with the three of them. It wasn't her fault that those bitches were jealous of her friendship with the trio.

(Name) let out a sigh. "Good evening McDonald's, hello Dew Drop Bar." She trudged to her small bathroom in her small apartment.

(Name) was saving up for a house. With the money she was making from work, she was splitting it between renting the ratty old place and a nice, clean house. Sadly, most of those earnings were going into the rent.

After (Name) freshened herself up, she tied her (h/c) locks into a ponytail. Changed out of her red shirt and khakis, to her white button up shirt and black skirt. She head out the door and to the bar, ready for a night of serving drinks to lowlifes, no bodies, and idiots.



The (e/c) female turned her head to see three bright grins beaming right at her. One belonged to a peachy skinned American, with blue eyes framed by glasses, and dusty blond hair that was messed up by a cowlick. Another belonged to a albino German, crimson red eyes shining, and a mop of white snowy hair. The last belonged to the well toned Dane, with seas of blue for eyes, and blond hair that defied gravity by sticking up.

"Hey, what are you guys doing here? You three aren't known for dropping in on some dinky bar like this." (Name) continued to polish the mug that she was cleaning as she walked over to her three friends.

"Maybe, but we wanted to see you!" Alfred grinned.

"Yeah! Being as awesome as ve are, ve should be able to see our awesome friend!" Gilbert agreed.

(Name) smiled warmly at her friends. "Alright then, boys. What can I get you?"

"Three beers on the rocks!" Mathias cheered.

She nodded at their request and left to get them their drinks.


"Hey, vhy does (Name) vork in such an unawesome place like zhis?" Gilbert asked.

"I was wondering that too, dude." Alfred added.

"Maybe we can ask her later." Mathias shrugged.


"Three drinks, coming your way!" (Name) called as she slid three mugs of beer down the counter for her friends. They each took one and raised a mug to her. The (h/c) girl giggled at their antics before she picked up a tray of drinks and began to make her way through the customers to wade tables.

"Hey~ a sexy one, Eh?" a customer slurred.

"Yeah, yeah. Very nice." another agreed.

(Name) let out a groan of annoyance. It was like this every night, she would be hit on by drunk idiots, and then have to race home just to be sure that she wouldn't be caught alone at night by a group of lustful drunks.

"Nice set of buns to." the first one announced as he gave (Name)'s rear a couple pats.

She gasped in surprise and a blush or anger and embarrassment spread across her face. She quickly turned around and smacked the man's hand away.

"Ah, feisty. I like it." he murmured before he went back into conversation with his friend.

(Name) exhaled and continued to wade tables and collect tips from leaving customers. She placed the small wad of money into her apron's pocket and made her way back to the counter, where Alfred, Gilbert, and Mathias were chatting away. "So, how was your day, boys?" she asked.

"Exhausting!! Artie was so mean, he made me clean like, the entire house! It was so whacked up!!" Alfred complained as he took a swig of his beer.

"Ja!! Ludvig vas being such a hard-ass!! He vouldn't let me get on my laptop until I finished cleaning zhe yard!!" Gilbert whined.

"You think that's bad?! I had to deal with Lukas all day, and I can't even begin to tell you how many times he tried to strangle me!!" Mathias wailed.

As (Name) listened to the three of them gripe and complain about their lives away from her, the bar began to wind down in activity until it was just employees cleaning up.

"Alright, guys. Listen, the bar's closing. You guys should get on home." (Name) told her friends as she began to clear away the counter.

"Alright, see you later, dude!!" Alfred called as he waved.

"So long, (Name)!" Gilbert yelled over his shoulder.

"We'll call you later." Mathias promised as he left their lay on the counter for her, leaving a very good tip of ten bucks.

(Name) blinked in surprise, it wasn't often at all someone at the bar got a tip that big. She pondered the fact that it could be a mistake on their math. She sighed and put it in her apron anyway, thinking that if it was, she would just give them back the correct amount the next time she saw them.

"Alright, boss! I'm heading home!" (Name) called to her boss.

"Gotcha! See you tomorrow!" He called back.

(Name) waved goodbye to her fellow workers and walked out. She headed down the darkened streets of the city. She sighed softly, only wishing for a better place to live.

"Well, looks like the bread truck rolled in, because we have a nice pair of buns." A drunk voice mused.

(Name) turned her head to see the guy from the bar. She cursed under her breath and continued walking, picking up the pace. She heard him follow after her, but that only caused her to go faster.

"Hey hey hey, what's the hurry, baby?" (Name) was suddenly wrapped into the arms of the other drunk from the bar.

"L-let go of me!!" (Name) demanded.

"Where's the fun in that?" he asked.

"Come on, buns. Let's have a little fun~" The first came around and begun tugging at (Name)'s skirt.

(Name) began to fight back, trying to kick out and claw at them, but her efforts did nothing to slow them down. She couldn't scream because the one holding her had a dirty hand over her mouth. The only sounds that came from her were muffled cries and yells.

"HEY!!! Let her go!!!" a voice yelled.

The two drunks stopped and looked up, only to be met in the faces by two punches. Strong and warm arms wrapped around (Name) an pulled her away from them.

"Don't vorry, frau. It's going to be alright." Gilbert cooed to her as Alfred and Mathias beat the two drunks to a bloody pulp.

Gilbert began to make his way towards the flat where she lived, with (Name) in his arms. It didn't take long for Alfred and Mathias to join them. (Name) didn't speak through the entire walk to her apartment, normally, she had just enough energy to get home, make a small dinner, take a shower, then head to bed. The attack just took all the energy out of her, she hardly had the energy to fumble with the keys to unlock the door.

"Let me, dudette." Alfred told her gently as he took the keys from (Name) and unlocked the door. The trio helped their friend into her living room, Gilbert carefully placed her on the couch.

"How are you feeling?" Mathias asked her.

He didn't get a reply. (Name) had already fallen asleep. She was exhausted.

"Poor frau. She's way too awesome for a life like this...." Gilbert sighed.

"Yeah dude. She needs a nicer place and a better job." Alfred agreed.

The three of them were left thinking in the kitchen about what they should do to help their friend.

"Hey, Al. Didn't you say you got a spare room at your house?" Mathias asked.

"Huh? Yeah, ever since Mattie moved out." Alfred replied.

"And Gil, didn't you say Feliciano's just got an opening?" He asked the albino.

"Ja, Feli told me zhat he und his brother are looking for a new vaitress at zheir restaurant." Gilbert replied.

"Alright! So, this is the plan..." Mathias began.


(Name) woke with a yawn and realized that she wasn't in her bed. She was on her couch in the living room of her apartment. The smell of breakfast wafted to her as the sound of talking and laughter came from the kitchen.

She got up and walked into the kitchen to see her three friends. Mathias and Gilbert were sitting at the table while Alfred was at the stove, working with batter and a skillet.

"Well! Good morning sunshine!" Mathias greeted.

"Hey.... Did you guys camp out here?" (Name) asked as she rubbed her eye.

"Ja. We were too tired to go home." Gilbert replied.

"Anyway, dudette. We're gonna talk after breakfast. I made plenty, so eat up!" Alfred placed a large plate piled high with pancakes on the table where four places were set.

(Name) chuckled at her friends as took her seat in between Gilbert and Mathias. It didn't take them long to finish breakfast, and from what (Name) could tell, they had something on their minds.

"Okay, what's up?" (Name) asked.

The three of them shared glances and nodded. They turned back to (Name).

"We want you to leave." Alfred began.

"L-leave??" She was shocked. "D-did I do something?"

"No, not at all frau. Ve mean leave zhis place and your crappy jobs." Gilbert explained.

"Believe me, I would. But the only reason I have those jobs is because I'm saving the money for a house." She said sadly.

"Well, don't worry your little head, (Name). We thought all that out!" Mathias told her as he ruffled her (h/c) locks.


"Well, ever since my bro moved out, I have a spare room at my house." Alfred began.

"Zhat takes care of your house problem. Now, I have a friend zhat owns a Italian restaurant vith his bruder. Und zhe two of zhem have been looking for a new vaitress to vork vizh zhem." Gilbert explained.

The three of them got up and enveloped (Name) in a hug.†

"Zhis life doesn't suit you, frau. You're too awesome for it." Gilbert whispered.

"Ja, Gil's right." Mathias agreed.

"We want you to be happy, and be the awesomest dudette you can be. That means you need to get out of here!" Alfred told her.

(Name)'s eyes widened. Her best friends, they were offering the best life she could ever ask for!! Tears began to well in her (e/c) eyes, she began laughing happily. She hugged the three of them and sighed contently. "Thanks guys, this is the best thing that I could ever ask for.


"Bella!! Our regulars are here!" Feliciano called to (Name).

"I'll be right there, Feli!" (Name) called back as she gave the dirty dishes to Lovino.

"Oi, raggaza!! Don't dump your work on me!!" he yelled at her, but he didn't catch her before she went to the front of the restaurant.

"Welcome to the Vargas House of Pasta." (Name) greeted the customers happily.

"Zhanks, frau." Gilbert grinned.

It had been three weeks since the trio offered (Name) her new life. She had accepted happily. It only took about half a week to get out of herald apartment and move in with Alfred. It took one interview, and a few lessons on how to cook pasta for (Name) to get a job with the bubbly Feliciano, and the grumpy Lovino. Most everyday, the trio went to eat at the Italian restaurant to see name, and every night when she went home she was met by her three friends.

Never again did she return to the Dew Drop Bar, but Kirkland's Bar, where she met her friends there for a friendly drink or two, and to drive them home when they got too drunk.

"(Name)?" Alfred waved a hand in front of her face. "You're staring out into space. You okay?" He asked.

(Name) nodded. "Yeah. Your food will be out shorty." she smiled at her best friends and turned away to get them some breadsticks for a start to their meal.

She loved her friends, and it was thanks to them she was living her life.
Yay! My first request is done!! I'm happy and I wanna thank :iconcross-angel-chan: for requesting this. I honestly liked how it turned out, and it was a lot of fun writing it!

If any of you lovely readers like this and want to request a story from me, just head to this journal here! :D [link]

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900+ VIEWS!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! :iconoldschoolownedplz:

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