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"Feliciano!! For the last time, pick up you feet when you run!" The German called to his Italian companion.

"B-But Ludwig... M-my feet are tired..." The Italian complained as he dragged his feet over the sidewalk.

The German sighed as he walked along side the brown haired young man. "Feliciano. You are never going to gain the strength to impress he ladies if you don't work out properly." He told Feliciano.

After hearing that sentence and some what of a pep talk, the Italian began to jog again like he did an hour ago when the two started.

Ludwig sighed. "That man only needs the mention of food and women to get his feet moving."

It was regular for the two of them to go out and jog like this through the streets of Berlin. Though, they were supposed to meet their friend Kiku before they left for Japan the following week for a scheduled camping trip that they had decided to go on.

Usually the slender Japanese man would jog with them, but he said that he had a quick errand to run that morning, but would meet up with the two back at Ludwig's home. A home that he shared with Feliciano, Feliciano's brother, and his own brother.

Why the two of them stayed with him besides their cousin in Spain was beyond him.

"Hey, Ludwig?" Feliciano asked as the two of them continued jogging.

"Ja? What is it?" The muscular German replied.

"Kiku said that he wanted to bring a friend with us when we go camping next week. Who do you think it might be?" The Italian inquired, tipping his head so that his odd curl bounced as he did so.

"I'm not sure. If your bruder and cousin are coming with us, I don't see why we can't bring a sixth person." Ludwig replied, feeling perspiration drip from his forehead.

After another half hour, the two finally reached their starting point. Ludwig's shared home with the Italians and his older brother. It was a simple house, simple yet large. Several bedrooms, a guest room, a large kitchen, three bathrooms, a den, a living room, an office, a dining room, and a weight room.

"We're finally home!! I'm gonna make some pasta!!" Feliciano chirped as the two of them entered the house, only to be met with the scent of cooking wurst.

"I suppose Bruder's home." Ludwig spoke as he made his way to the kitchen through the dining room.

"I'll go see if Kiku's here yet!" Feliciano declared as he zoomed through the entrance way and to the living room.

Ludwig sighed at the Italian's cheeriness and made his way to the kitchen. The aroma of cooking wurst calmed his senses as he got closer to the kitchen. Though, the sight that met him as he entered stopped him in his tracks.

In the kitchen stood a young woman working over the stove. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair was tucked behind her ear as she worked. From what he could see, she wore a (f/c) tank top and (second f/c) jogging shorts that matched her sneakers. She hummed a song softly as she reached for a pair of tongs and a plate covered with paper towels.

"Excuse me." Ludwig spoke, gaining her attention.

The girl spun around to face him. Her (e/c) eyes met his crystal blues. She had delicate features, her mouth, her nose, everything seemed to be placed there by a master sculptor, and she was his final master piece.

"May I ask what you're doing in my kitchen?" He asked her, crossing his muscular arms over his muscular chest.

"Kiku invited me inside." She replied, still holding onto the metal tongs.

Und here I thought that only my bruder und Feliciano were the only ones who could bring different women into my house. I didn't know Kiku was like that! Ludwig thought as he stared at the pretty girl. She didn't really seem like his type though...

"Ah, Ludwig-san. I see you've already met (Name)-chan."

Ludwig turned to see his other good friend, Kiku walk into the kitchen followed by Feliciano. The short Japanese man stood next to the taller Italian, his hair in its normal bowl-cut, besides his bangs sticking to his forehead from perspiration. As if he had been jogging.

"Kiku..." Ludwig muttered before walking towards the young man and pulling him out of the room by his shoulder. Once out in the hall, he gave him a stern look. "Who is that in my kitchen?!"

"Th-that's (Name)-chan, you said that I could bring her." Kiku replied, still a bit shaken from being hastily pulled from the kitchen.

"I said you could bring a friend, not a girlfriend!"

"She isn't a girlfriend!... Well, she's a girl, and she's a friend, but she's not a girlfriend girlfriend..." The shorter male spoke, trying to sort out his thoughts.

Ludwig sighed, looking back in the kitchen to see Feliciano talking with the woman, or (Name).

"Either way, (Name)-chan is a nice girl. Besides, you two have a lot in common. She insisted on a jog even though she lives only a short while from here." Kiku explained to his muscular friend. "I thought you two would get along."

Ludwig looked from Kiku to (Name) before sighing. "Fine, I suppose that she can stay. You said that she wanted to join us on the camping trip, correct?"

"Hai. She's a fan of camping." Kiku replied with a slight nod.

With that, the two walked back to join Feliciano and (Name) in the kitchen.

"Say, bella. Why don't we make some pasta to go with the wurst? That's what I usually do when I cook dinner." Feliciano suggested with his ever present smile.

"I see. I don't see why we can't." She spoke with a smile, her sweet voice filling Ludwig's ears.

She turned around to see that Kiku and Ludwig had entered. She put down the last of the wurst and walked up to Ludwig. "I wanted to apologize for just letting myself into you kitchen, I thought that I would make some lunch for everyone since Kiku said that you and Feliciano would be coming in and would be hungry for lunch." She spoke to him, looking up at the taller man.

Ludwig shook his head. "Nein, it's fine. And danke, for cooking."

"It's fine! I love cooking, especially wurst."

Ludwig blinked in surprise. He didn't know that many people who enjoyed the sausage, other than his brother and maybe a few other guys, but he was yet to meet a girl who liked them. Especially one of her stature.

"I see. Well, since I never formally introduced myself," Ludwig held out his hand for a shake. "I'm Ludwig, Ludwig Beilshmidt."

"(Name) (Last Name)." She replied, taking his hand into her smaller grip.

Once the two let each other's hand from the grip, Ludwig's heart was still trapped in a grip that he didn't understand completely.


"Okay, so we're going to be camping around Mt. Fuji, right?" (Name) asked as she sat with the trio for lunch.

"That's the plan that Kiku came up with." Ludwig replied as he cut into his wurst.

"And my brother and cousin are coming with us as well." Feliciano added as he returned with his second helping of pasta.

The four had sat down at the table to just chat and plan the camping trip.

"(Name), how did you meet Kiku in the first place?" Feliciano asked. "I really wanna know!"

"Well, I met Kiku about a year ago. He and I met when he was walking Pochi and I was walking my dog." She explained.

"You have a dog?" Ludwig asked.

"Mm-hm. His name is (Dog name). He's a golden retriever." She said, smiling.

As she spoke, Ludwig could feel his heart thump harder against his ribs. What was it about this girl that made him feel this way?

"Oi!! Luddy!! I'm home!!" A loud voice called as the door slammed open and then slammed closed.

Just moments later, Ludwig's older brother came in. The shorter male was a bit slimmer than his younger brother, but still had some muscle to him. Though, no one could really have guessed that the two were siblings by the way their appearances differed.

Ludwig was taller, more muscular, he had blond hair that he always kept slicked back, his eyes were a striking blue, and he always wore a stern face.

His brother, on the other hand was a complete contrast. He was paler and his eyes and hair were discolored due to his albinism. His hair was a silvery white that he kept a scruffy mess, his eyes were a mix between red and blue that gleamed with a mischievous shine.

"Gilbert, I didn't know you were going to be home so soon." Ludwig sighed.

His older brother, Gilbert snickered as he made his way over to his brother and slung an arm around his muscular shoulders. "My awesomeness is always ready to surprise you, Luddy." Gilbert told his brother as his eyes began to wander the company. His eyes landed on (Name). "Who might you be, Birdie?"

"That's (Name) to you." Ludwig replied for his guest.

Gilbert walked away from his brother and pulled a chair to sit next to (Name). "And for whatever reason might you be here?"

"I'm going to be going on that camping trip with your brother and his friends." She said to the albino Germa- or, Prussian.

Gilbert blinked. "You sure you would have more fun on that camping trip than staying at home? Because if you decided not to go, I'm sure I could show you a good time." The Prussian purred as he leaned in closer to the female.

Ludwig felt like a large and strong hand was squeezing his heart. Something just made his heart beat faster seeing his brother flirt with (Name). He had seen Gilbert flirt with tons of other girls before.

But for some reason, this was different.

"I appreciate the offer, but I prefer to be outside than inside, thank you." (Name) replied, inching away from Gilbert.

Gilbert was shocked, but pouted. "Fine, be that way." He grumbled before he stood and walked away, but not before he went back to Ludwig's plate to grab one of his wurst, then stomped off into the house.

"I'm sure that he'll have enough fun with his pillow while we're gone." (Name) said as she cut into one of her own wurst.

Ludwig had to cough to stifle a laugh that rumbled in his chest. This girl had just rejected his brother, and made a joke about him. The surprises just never ended with her.

"So, we'll be taking an over night trail that leads to one of the highest hills that look over the landscape of Fuji. And the day we return, we can head to that spa that I told you all about." Kiku explained as he pulled a trail map from his pocket. He laid the map on the table and spread it out. He also pulled a pamphlet out for a very fancy looking spa.

"Sounds like fun, Kiku!!" Feliciano exclaimed as he brought a forkful of pasta to his mouth.

"Ja, Kiku. You really planned this out." Ludwig added.

"Well, the camping trip was your idea, Ludwig-san. But (Name) thought the spa would be a good idea." Kiku explained as he gestured to his friend.

"Since we would be pretty tired from all that hiking, I thought that going to a spa would be a nice way to relax before we all head home." (Name) added with a smile.

Ludwig nodded. "Gut, very gut thinking."

Though, it was brilliant thinking. (Name) thought ahead to after the trip, something that he usually did. However, the girl had beat him to it.

He had a feeling that the trip would be worth his time.


"Okay!! Let's go!!" Feliciano exclaimed as he held onto his backpack tightly.

The week had come and gone, and e four had made it to Japan safely. Feliciano's brother caught a horrible cold the day before they were going to depart, and his cousin had to cancel, so it was just going to be Ludwig, Feliciano, Kiku, and (Name).

"Now, let's just make sure that we have everything before we leave." Ludwig spoke.


"Check." The four of them held up their water bottles.

"First-aid kits."

"Check." Kiku and (Name) held up their kits.

"Food supplies."

"Right here!" Feliciano called as he waved around a bag.


"Check." Kiku spoke, holding a bag.

"Emergency phone, check." Ludwig patted his pants pocket. "We all have our sleeping bags, a compass, and a trail map. We're all set." He placed his list in the side pocket of his dark cargo pants before he picked up his backpack.

With that, the four set out on the trail through the foliage.

"So, Ludwig, how long have you been into hiking?" (Name) asked him.

"A few years. Ever since I was invited to go on one by a friend of mine." He replied to her.

In the last week, the two had become close friends. They had decided to jog together most of the time, and they would even bring their dogs with them. They had made lunch together for their other friends, and seemed very comfortable in each other's company.

"I see, my dad took me hiking on my twelfth birthday, and I've been hiking ever since." She explained to him.

Ludwig nodded. His father was an influence on his own thought of exercise, and it hasn't changed over the years.

"The trail says that we're supposed to head into a cave up ahead. It's a tunnel, but it's still about a mile or two off." Kiku spoke as he looked at his map.

"We can break for lunch at a clearing near a pond." Feliciano added, looking over Kiku's shoulder. At least, he was until Kiku pushed him away.

It took them some time before they reached the clearing that Kiku spoke of, but when they reached it, it was worth the walk.

The clearing was a mix of lush green grass with growing wild flowers. The pond that was near by was brimming with clean water that seemed to flow from a stream.

"Looks like a nice place to rest." (Name) spoke as she and her friends made their way into the clearing.

"Ja." Ludwig agreed as he set his pack down.

The four sat with a lunch. Though, Ludwig couldn't stop from glancing at (Name) as she and Feliciano are lunch and played with the wild flowers.

"Ludwig-san, you keep staring at (Name)-chan." Kiku said to his friend.

Ludwig could feel his cheeks warm as blood rushed to the skin. He snapped his gaze to his ever stoic friend, his dark brown eyes meetin his own blue eyes.


"You should just admit your feelings to her." Kiku spoke before he took a bite of his sandwich.

"How would you know that I have feelings for her?!" Ludwig questioned his friend, his voice growing in hostility.

"I've seen the way that you stare at her. When you two talk, you seem to be a different person." Kiku explained. "Besides, I can grunted that you'd get results."

Ludwig growled as he chomped off a pice of his sandwich.

"Hey, are we almost ready to head out?" (Name) walked over with Feliciano behind her, who was wearing a flower crown.

"Like my flower crown, Ludwig?" Feliciano asked as he twirled around, flaunting his wild flower accessory.

Ludwig nodded with a sigh. "Ja. Let's head out."

The four simply packed up their trash and put it in their bags to dispose of it later, then made their way out again. Kiku's words still rang in Ludwig's head.

You should just admit your feelings to her. What feelings? The only things that happened to him when he was around (Name) were his heart beat quickened, his thoughts became jumbled in his mind, and he fumbled with everything.

Was that supposed to be the feeling? That she just made him clumsy? How the hell was that a feeling?!

"Hey, is it supposed to rain today?" Feliciano asked suddenly.

Ludwig was snapped out of his thoughts at he looked up to the sky. Dark grey clouds were rolling in, covering the blue sky and the bright sun. In a matter of minutes, thunder rumbled the sky and ran began to pour down.

"Come on! That tunnel should be just ahead!" Kiku called.

Ludwig led the group through the ran to the tunnel. It did seem long, and it didn't look man-made.

"Is this safe?" (Name) asked.

"Many people have been in and out before us, we can handle this." Ludwig told her as he led the way inside. The group followed.

"Once we get through here, there'll be shelter about four or five miles ahead." Kiku said to the group.

"We'll see what we can find as he continue. This'll make starting a fire for tonight harder than it needed to be." (Name) sighed.

Thunder and lightning could be seen and heard from the tunnel, there were bright flashes of light and thunder rumbled the cave. There was a bright flash, almost blinding. And the thunder that came after, sounded like a cannon blast.

"Ludwig!! Above you!!"

Ludwig hardly realized the cave was shaking enough for boulders to fall  from the ceiling. He felt a force on his back push him forward and he hit his head on a rock, making the world turn dark.


"Ludwig, hey, Ludwig! Come on, get up, Ludwig!!" A voice called out.

The voice and a throbbing pain drew Ludwig from his unconscious state. He opened his eyes, and they soon adjusted to the darkness. He spotted (Name) sitting next to him, and he was facing a wall of large boulders.

"What happened?" He muttered as he rubbed the knot forming on his head.

"Cave in." She replied, taking the first-aid kit. "I had to push you out of the way." She shifted uneasily as she tried to get a closer look at his knot.

"Hold on." He told her, stopping her form moving. He looked over at her right leg, to see that her ankle was wrapped in a make-shift splint. "What the hell happened?"

"Well, pushing you into a rock, I guess a rock falling on my foot was karma for that." She replied with a shrug.

Ludwig felt a wave of guilt wash over him. He should be the one saving her, not the other way around. Though, he sat still as she treated his knot by placing a cold pack on it.

"Were are Kiku and Feliciano?" Ludwig asked.

"I was able to talk to them once the cave had filled in. There was a gap, I told them to find another route to our destination and meet us there. He and Feliciano are okay."

He sighed, glad that his friends were okay. "Gut. Now, we should get going so we can join them." He carefully stood, using the cave wall as support.

"Right." She mumbled, carefully lifting herself to her feet, wincing in pain as she put wight onto her foot.

Ludwig went over to her and crouched down. "Climb on, you should keep that weight off your foot." He told her, looking over his shoulder, meeting her (e/c) eyes.

"But it isn't a good idea to walk around with all that wight after you just hurt your head!" She protested, holding onto her backpack straps tightly.

"I don't care, now grab on." He told her again, his voice owing an edge to it.

Grudgingly, (Name) did so. She climbed onto his back and he stood, picking up his own backpack and held it in his arm. After getting situated, Ludwig made his way out of the cave.

By the time that they had gotten out, it had stopped raining and the sun had started to set.

"What time does your watch say?" Ludwig asked as he walked.

"Almost eight. It'll be dark soon, and we need to find somewhere dry to sleep so we won't get sick." She told him, moving her arm so he could see the time on her (f/c) digital watch.

She was right. If night fell, it would be even more dangerous than it was already. Their best bet would be to find somewhere dry where they could build a fire and rest for the night.

"Has anything like this ever happened before?" (Name) asked Ludwig as he walked.

"Nein. Not that I remember. By father and brother had always been very cautious when it came to hiking. This is the first time that a real accident has happened." Ludwig explained.

She nodded, gripping onto his black t-shirt. (Name) could feel his muscles through it as he walked, it must have taken him years to build this body...

"What about you?" Ludwig asked.

"Not really..." She said softly. "The last time my dad and I went camping, there was a landslide... He broke his leg but we were only a short walk away from the cabin were my mother was waiting for us." She sighed softly, her breath ruffling his hair slightly. "I think I may be a jinx, though."

"How so?"

"Well, there was a cave in, you got hurt, and we're separated from Kiku and Feliciano..." She told him, sighing softly. "After today, I really am starting to think that."

Ludwig felt his heart twist in his chest. This wasn't like the (Name) that he had grown to be so fond of in the past week. She was normally calm, collected, yet happy and caring. Now she just looked sullen and sad.

That just nearly twisted her heart in two.

"I don't think that." He said to her.

"You don't?"

"Nein, things happen that you can't help no matter what you try. This was one of those things that can't be helped." He told her, feeling his heart beat increase again. "I can guarantee that you aren't a jinx. And when we get home, I can prove it to you."

She remained silent. Ludwig's cheeks were still stained with their red color as he felt (Name) rest her chin on his shoulder. He continued walking until he found a small shallow space in the rocks, the ground was a sandy earth, perfect for a fire.

"How does this look?" He asked her.

(Name) looked over his shoulder and peered at the space. "Looks big enough for us if we squeeze in." She replied, looking at him.

Ludwig nodded as he walked to the space, gently lowering the girl onto the ground as he stood up straight. "I'll find some wood, you just stay here."

She rolled her eyes before giving him a soft kick with her good foot. "Where would I go?"


Ludwig sat with his knees to his chest as he poked the dying fire with a stick.

It was well into the night, the stars and the moon were out, shining dimly onto the wilderness. (Name) sat against the rocky wall, sleeping soundly and snoring softly.

Ludwig looked over to her, looking at how her shoulders rose and drooped as she breathed. He couldn't help but feel his heart beat faster again.

"I don't know what Kiku means though..." He mumbled to himself. "You make me feel like my heart is doing cartwheels in my chest and that it'll fly out of it whenever you get close."

He felt the girl shift in his sleep and she fell onto his shoulder, continuing to sleep.

Ludwig couldn't help but smile at the sight of the girl sleeping against him. The way she snuggled close to him, wrapping her arms around his arm like he was a pillow just warmed his heart, making it beat even faster.

Sighing in content, Ludwig reached into his backpack and pulled out an extra water bottle. He extinguished the fire and crushed the embers with a stone. Putting everything away, he looked over at (Name), the moon beams shining off her skin.

"I may not know what these feelings are, but I just hope that they're good ones." He mumbled softly before pressing his chapped lips to her forehead and drifting off into sleep.


"Hey!! Here they are!!"

Ludwig woke with a start, hearing the familiar voice of Feliciano. He noticed (Name) stirring in her sleep as she opened her (e/c) eyes.

"What that Feliciano?" She mumbled.

Ludwig stood and looked around, but didn't see the oncoming Italian as he knocked into Ludwig's chest, weeping and wailing.

"Oh Ludwig!! We were so worried about you and (Name)!! Once he we got to the spa this morning, we couldn't find either of you!! We came out as soon as we could to find you!!" Feliciano blubbered.

"Hai. We were both very worried." Kiku's voice sounded as he followed Feliciano and kneeled down to (Name).

"We're fine, just some scrapes and bruises, nothing major." (Name) told her friend.

"Let's get to that spa and get your foot looked at, I'm worried about it." Ludwig spoke as he managed to separate the Italian from his chest.

"Right." Kiku agreed as he helped (Name) up. Ludwig and Feliciano got the two backpacks and the four continued on to their final destination.

Once they reached the spa, everything seemed to calm down greatly. (Name)'s foot had suffered a bad sprain, and a couple fractures, but she was going to be okay. Ludwig got his own injury treated, but it was just going to be a bruise for a while.

After the checkup, the four went through what they had ordered, a relaxing spa treatment that included a night at the bathhouse.

It was most certainly a relaxing day, though, Ludwig still thought about what he said last night and what he thought. What was he going to do about these feelings that he didn't understand?

"Ludwig? Is something wrong?" Feliciano asked suddenly, looking at his close friend.

It was night by this time, the boys had just returned from their soak in their side of the hot spring, and were wearing their complementary robes. With undergarments of course.

"Well.... Feliciano, can I ask you a question?" Ludwig looked over at his friend.

"Eh? Ludwig wants to ask me a question?! Wow!! This hasn't happened before!! Normally I'm supposed to ask questions!! What do you want to know?" Feliciano chirped happily.

"Have you ever gone through an experience where whenever you're around someone, your heart is ready to do somersaults out of your chest? That it's pounding against your ribs, and that person is just etched into your memory?" Ludwig asked, trying to explain his feeling to the best of his ability.

Feliciano hummed in thought, trying to process what he had hear, before he suddenly started laughing.

"Wh-what the hell is so funny?!" Ludwig yelled.

Feliciano's laughter bubbled down to giggles before he could talk again. "Ludwig, you're in love."



"Si! Love! You're in love with someone, Ludwig. Whenever you love someone, you're heart can't stand to be away from them, it just want to get close to theirs. Your mind wants to remember that your in love for years and years, so that you could never forget who you love." Feliciano explained his reasoning, smiling up at his friend.

Ludwig hated to admit it, but Feliciano had a point.

Was he really in love?

"Right, danke, Feliciano. I owe you for this." Ludwig spoke before turning on his heel and leaving Feliciano by himself, and Kiku reading a book.

Feliciano looked back at the Japanese man. "Think he's really going to tell her?" He asked.

Kiku shut his book, looking over at his friend.

"I am 110% positive."


Ludwig let out a shaky sigh as he made his way to (Name)'s room. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he made it to the door and brought a hand up to knock. Just as he was though, the door opened to (Name) wearing her own robe with a see able (f/c) tank top on.

"Ludwig? Is there something I can help you with?" She asked him, closing the door as she stepped outside.

"U-um.... Well..." He stuttered, not meeting her eyes. "W-would you like to come outside with me for a moment?"

"I was just about to go outside myself, actually." She replied, smiling at him. She hobbled out into the hall with her new boot cast on her leg. "Shall we?"

"J-Ja." He nodded, walking next to her slowly to keep a pace, and not to make her hurry. "How's your foot feeling?" He asked her, not wanting to make the silence awkward.

"Better, after taking some pain killers, it's feeling a lot better." (Name) replied, smiling at him.

"Gut, glad to hear." He answered. He felt a small smile play his lips, hearing that she was feeling better made him happier. Maybe it had to do with the feelings that he was dealing with.

It was only a few minutes after that the two made it to the back porch of their rented cabin. The sky couldn't be any clearer that it was that night. The moon was completely full and shining down onto the trees around the cabin, and the stars were as bright as LED flashlights.

As the two sat on the wooden porch, Ludwig looked over at (Name). He noticed how the light shined against her skin, hot her eyes reflected the shine of the stars. The light made her look more angelic that she already did.

"So, what was it you wanted to talk about, Ludwig?" (Name) asked, looking over at the burly German.

"Well, I just wanted to let you know about something that's been bothering me for the last week or so... Around the time I met you. And what happened yesterday didn't help much either..." He said, avoiding her gaze, mentally punching himself for not looking her in the eye.

"And what has been bothering you?" She asked him, her brows knitted gently.

"I..." He paused and sighed before speaking ins again. "There are just these times when I feel like my heart is just going to fly out of my chest. It feels like it's doing some kind of backflip against my ribs. And my cheeks get really red and my thoughts get so jumbled I can't even think straight!"

He looked over at her, meeting her (e/c) eyed gaze. "And this only happens when I'm around you! I-I just never felt this way towards anyone before. I don't know if I'm sick, or if my life is in danger, but for some reason, Kiku said I should talk to you about it! Saying I has some sort of feelings about you, but I just don't know!"

The two sat in silence for what seemed like hours. Ludwig didn't know if he should have stood up and left, or waited for her to do so.

He was just about to stand before a soft laugh came from the young woman, louder laughter bubbling from her soon followed.

"Wh-why the hell are you laughing?!" Ludwig asked her, mortified that she was laughing at him.

"Because, Feliciano was right." She replied through her laughter.

"About what?!"

(Name)'s laughter soon went silent and she stared at him, smiling. "That Germans don't have a clue about love."

Ludwig blinked. "Love?"

"Yes! When you're in love with someone, you'll do anything for them, you'll stay near them, you'll get strange feelings for them, and you'll even risk your own well being for them." She explained, looking up at him, her smile never fading.

He thought for a moment. Love? Was that it? He knew that love made people stupid, and it could be a curse at times, but was what he was feeling really love?

"And that reminds me."

"Of wha-mmph?!"

Ludwig's question was cut short when (Name) pressed her lips against his in a soft, gentle kiss. It lasted moments before she pulled away and gently punched his shoulder. "If you're going to kiss someone good night, do it properly!"

Ludwig's face went as red as Feliciano's cousin's tomatoes. He was speechless.

"And Ludwig." (Name) said softly as she leaned against his shoulder.


"I love you too."


But seriously, guys. I'm trying to come back as soon as I can with these requests, but things are going to be terrible with end of the year exams coming up, and I'm trying to hurry up on a mother's day gift for Sunday...

Anywho! YES!! I DID THIS GERMANYXREADER AND I LOVE IT! I had the lovely :iconpeanutbutterdreamer: (Or my editor) Read through this and she has been long awaiting it, much like you all, so here you go! This was my last request from :iconsoseriouslysirius: and now I can work on the 2p!Italy! God, I wanted to start on that one so bad for a while now...

Well, that's all I have to say for now! I hope you all enjoyed this XReader, and thank you so much for reading!

Asta la Pasta~

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Story (c) :iconmangafan23:

You (c) :iconsexygermanyplz:
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could you do a Russia x reader x Germany? >.< no one has ever done one.. well not that i have seen... Germany (Not Impressed) [V4] Russia (Joy) [V6] 
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That's a good idea! I'd read it. I love both of them...!
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"she's a girl and she's a friend but she's not a girlfriend girlfriend"

and i think of Misty from Pokemon 2000

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Oh, my goodness! This story was amazing! It was cute and fluffy, it made me laugh a lot, it was dramatic, and it was relatable. I loved the details put into the inner thoughts and feelings of Germany/Ludwig. And I couldn't stop reading until I was done. It was impossible to put my phone down. Thank you so much for writing this, I really love it!
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The storyline was very good!~
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Er mah gosh, you called me your editor. xDD I feel so honored.
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As you should xDD
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of fluff

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